PlayStation on the trail of sports betting for video games (esports)?

With the rise of esports and various sports betting on the internet, could Sony develop the first online betting system for PlayStation? According to a patent recently discovered by the VidaExtra website, the Japanese company could use the EVO acquisition to spice things up.

A PlayStation to bet on esports?

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Sony has filed for a strange patent that can be used to place bets with or without cash on esports games. In this document, produced by Michael Chow, a machine learning engineer in the PlayStation research and development field, we can see that Sony’s idea is to allow its players to earn money by watching the series’ competitions .

The odds for the various sentences that can occur in the game are determined by a computer simulation. Players therefore have a choice of multiple choices to bet for money or not. The odds of winning can be determined using statistics from old games. The idea is whether or not one grenade can kill three enemies at the same time.

Once the proposal has been validated, players can choose to place a bet with multiple options (reduce their stake, outbid …). All bets are then pooled and distributed to the winners at the end of the game. For people who don’t want to wager money, it is possible to wager items in games (like Counter Strike: Global Offensive).

Welcome from @Evo to the PlayStation family:

Sony Interactive Entertainment and the new esports company RTS have jointly acquired the Evolution Championship Series

– PlayStation (@PlayStation) March 18, 2021

In March Sony announced the acquisition of the Evolution Championship Series (EVO). It is one of the most famous fighting game tournaments in the world. This type of patent that allows betting could be ideal for the EVO.

Sony recently invested over $ 200 million in fundraising for Epic Games to encourage them to accelerate the creation of connected social experiences based on the concept of “Metavers” (a fictional virtual world). Lots of rumors spark Sony’s desire to develop a PlayStation Home 2, an online life simulator that allows gamers to meet right from their PlayStation 5. Again, the betting system could be perfect for this type of game.

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