The Telegram founder takes a bad look at the Apple iPhone

The Dubai-based Telegram app was created in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov who founded VKontakte, the dominant social network in Russia. You have certainly heard of this application in the past few weeks since hundreds of thousands of users fled WhatsApp to join alternatives like Signal, Treebal, and therefore Telegram.

Pavel Durov is known for being quite teasing and lives up to his reputation with his latest statement regarding Apple. According to him, owning an iPhone in 2021 would be like going back to the Middle Ages. With irony, Dourov admires the Cupertino company’s economic model, which manages to sell “obsolete and overpriced equipment” to customers trapped in its ecosystem.

Pavel Durov adds: “Every time I have to use an iPhone to test our iOS app, I feel like I’m being sent back to the Middle Ages. The 60 Hz displays from IPhone cannot compete with the 120 Hz displays of modern Android phones, which offer a much smoother animation. Fortunately, Apple plans to introduce an iPhone 13 Pro with a 120 Hz display for Durov.

Pavel Durov mocks iPhone users

Pavel Dourov not only attacks the “obsolescence” of the products marketed by the Cupertino company, but also hesitates to criticize customers by calling them “digital slaves” on behalf of Apple. Telegram founder returns to the “aberration” of going through the App Store to download applications. A review to remind us of what Epic Games is currently on trial against Apple for.

While Horacio Gutierrez, Legal Director and Head of Global Affairs at Spotify, has just published a column describing Apple as “a ruthless bully who suffocates its competitors”, Pavel Durov goes one step further and paints the portrait of the totalitarian approach implemented from Apple. The Telegram founder writes in his own words: “It’s no wonder Apple’s totalitarian approach is so valued by the Chinese Communist Party, which thanks to Apple now has full control over apps and devices. Data of all of their citizens who use iPhones. ”.

Despite all this criticism, Pavel Dourov continues to use the App Store to make his application accessible to people who are supposedly still living in the Middle Ages. Virulent, it’s safe, coherent, it’s less safe …

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