This extension automatically arranges an appointment for your vaccination

Since last week, vaccination against Covid-19 has been open to people aged 18 and over and even people without comorbidities. For the latter, however, finding an appointment is often an obstacle. You have to do it the day before for the next day and the available slots run like hot cakes. This realization is forcing many French people to cheat, which is a bad idea as it can hinder access to vaccinations for vulnerable groups.

To solve this problem, Kévin Dunglas, a programmer and software developer from Lille, decided to create the extension. Currently only available in Firefox. You can make an appointment directly on the Doctolib platform. If you’d like to do it yourself, another option will automatically open the window when a timeslot is open.

How do I automatically make an appointment with

If the extension is installed in your Firefox browser, you will see an icon in the top right of the screen that represents a vial and syringe. If you click on it, you will find vaccination centers on the appointment booking platform. Once you’ve received Doctolib, all that’s left to do is check the “People over 18 years old for appointments available by tomorrow night” category.

You can then click “Add to My List” to select the vaccination centers of your choice. Back on the “Vaccine. Click” tab, you have two options: Reserve automatically or open a tab when a reservation is available. When you have secured a slot, you should also uninstall the extension to avoid making unnecessary appointments.

To learn more about the vaccination process and the platforms to use, you can also find our full guide on the subject. We also reviewed the functioning of the Health Passport, which is required to gain access to certain large gatherings of people and to travel from June onwards.

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