This new feature of Chrome increases the traffic of your favorite sites

Today we have tons of opportunities to keep up with the news on our favorite sites. We have social networks like Facebook or Twitter as well as apps like Flipboard, Feedly or Apple News. There are also some tools in Chrome, such as: B. the ability to subscribe to notifications from a website.

However, Google would like to offer a new solution that could therefore simplify the processor: a follow button in its browser that you can use to subscribe to messages from your favorite websites.

“People today have many ways to stay up to date with their favorite websites, including subscribing to mailing lists, notifications, and RSS feeds. It is a lot for one person to manage. So we’re exploring how to simplify the experience of getting the most out of your favorite websites right in Chrome, building on the Open Web RSS standard. Our vision is to help people create a direct connection to their favorite publishers and creators on the Internet, ”said a contribution from Mountain View.

To create this functionality, Google uses the RSS standard. When the user hits the “Follow” button on a website, they are essentially subscribing to that website’s RSS feed. The new publications of the subscriptions are then displayed on a special page. Website developers would only need to make sure that their RSS feeds are up to date.

At the moment it’s still a test

For now, however, this is just a test. According to Google, this new “Follow” button will only be shown to some American users of the Canarian version of Google Chrome. “Our goal for this feature is to enable users to follow the sites that interest them, from large publishers to small neighborhood blogs, by clicking the Follow button in Chrome. When sites post content, users can see updates from the sites they’ve been following in a new “Follow” section on the “New Tab” page, “says Google.

It is currently unclear whether this feature will be available to all Google Chrome users at some point. The company is currently collecting feedback from publishers and internet users and will later decide whether to continue development.

In any case, it should be noted that the Chrome browser is already an important source of traffic for publishers. If you’re currently opening a new tab in the mobile version of the browser, you’ll already see a curation of press articles based on your preferences. When Google launches the button to follow the website, the subscription area will coexist with these suggestions, making the content displayed on blank Chrome tabs more relevant.

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