What does the partnership between Station F and TikTok consist of?

Station F is located in the heart of the capital and is a startup campus with an area of ​​34,000 square meters in Halle Freyssinet. It was created by Xavier Niel and is directed by Roxanne Varza. To date, it is the largest startup campus in the world. To our surprise, we just received a press release from TikTok announcing a partnership with Station F.

The first question we ask ourselves as we learn this is what is this partnership made of? TikTok, the hugely popular application for a relatively young population, was developed by the Chinese company Bytedance. The goal of this New Era social network under this agreement with Station F is to reaffirm its commitment to the local ecosystem while presenting itself as a real accelerator of startup growth.

Get to know the “TikTok generation”

TikTok aims to support the development of French Tech by providing privileged access to its platform, which currently has more than 100 million monthly active users in Europe. A way for startups to get known and more easily interact with a large, engaged community. In its press release, TikTok states that “Station F campus members can take master classes and benefit from the expertise of the teams working for the social network.”

An excellent way to identify the “TikTok generation” and thus learn more about their potential users. An omnipresent generation that is characterized by very special codes and limitless creativity.

Rich Waterworth, General Manager Europe of TikTok, wrote: “We are very excited to be able to support French startups and entrepreneurs through this partnership with Station F. These young shootings show extraordinary creativity in the development of their projects. Like large companies, but also SMEs / VSE, you will find a unique place of expression in TikTok. We are also sure that within TikTok you will meet a dedicated and caring community with whom you can interact in a sustainable way and are ready to support and take responsibility for your products and services. “

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