Zoom offers a platform for virtual events

Zoom has become one of the symbols of professional life during a pandemic. The video conferencing platform, little known before March 2020, has established itself through its efficiency and easy access. Still, as the recovery begins, the company hopes to maintain its relevance. With this in mind, she presented her new event platform Zoom Events, which will be launched in the summer.

The idea is to meet the very different needs of the user base for small meetings or large virtual gatherings. Our colleagues at Engadget cite the example of a yoga class organized by a small local structure, an internal company meeting or a large conference.

Are you becoming a virtual complement to physical events?

If this novelty meets a demand, it should also allow Zoom to diversify its income by pushing users who are initially satisfied to take up subscriptions. Therefore, licenses range from $ 150 for small meeting subscriptions to $ 64,900 for larger webinars. Note that big rival Microsoft Teams just rolled out similar options.

In order to get Internet users to pay, the company will offer its customers many functions. This is the case with the hub, which makes it possible to list the upcoming public or private events. Monetization is also allowed with a ticket system and customizable registration methods.

Therefore, even if the physical events resume, the company hopes that the habits born during the health crisis will continue. We can also envision a meeting being held in person, but also being organized online through Zoom Events and its competitors.

As a reminder, Zoom achieved impressive results in 2020. The company had sales of $ 2.65 billion, an increase of 326% over the previous year. In the last quarter alone, the increase in sales of 882.5 million was even 369%. So the company doesn’t want to stop there and is moving forward.

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