Google France promises more transparency

Like other internet giants, Google is regularly accused of not being sufficiently transparent to users with regard to the processing of personal data. For example, Mountain View was fined 50 million euros by the CNIL in 2019 for not providing its users with adequate information.

Today, with Apple bringing out the big game on privacy, Google wants to improve its practices too. This topic was discussed in an interview with Sébastien Missoffe, head of Google France with Europe 1.

During this interview, the CEO of Google France reminded that when you use Google’s products and services, you already have the option to control your data by clicking on the “My Account” tab. Nevertheless, Mountain View will do better.

“There is a central theme on these topics: data transparency and control. Users have high expectations, ”said Sébastien Missoffe. He mentioned the changes coming to Android 12 that will improve the user’s control over their personal data. “The goal is to give users more control,” he said.

Android 12: In addition to a new user interface, new functions to protect your privacy

As a reminder, this week Google announced several upcoming privacy changes for Android at the I / O conference. For example, on Android 12 (which we just tested), users have access to a privacy dashboard. This new tab allows users to view all the permissions granted to applications, as well as the data processed or the frequency of processing. And of course there are buttons with which you can easily revoke these permissions.

Google also adds a new ad in the top right corner letting the user know if an app is using its camera or microphone. You can block access to these two sensors for all apps at any time using a button.

Finally, Android 12 gives users the option to make geolocation less precise. “With the new coarse location permissions, apps can be restricted to only showing your approximate location instead of an exact location. For example, weather applications do not need your exact location to provide an accurate forecast, ”the company said in the Android 12 beta announcement.

In addition, Google could announce further measures that are still in the area of ​​the protection of personal data. The company is currently working on a technology called FLoC that will replace third-party cookies and allow websites to deliver personalized advertising experiences without resorting to custom tracking.

On the other hand, Google would also like to be inspired by the confidentiality labels launched by Apple in the App Store, with which users can easily understand which data is processed by an app before downloading. And according to a rumor, Google could also develop a feature that is similar to the anti-tracking feature that Apple offers in version 14.5 of its iOS operating system.

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