Google opens its first physical store in New York

In 2001, Apple enthusiastically launched its first Apple Store in Tysons Corner Center, Virginia. The formula has since been very successful at Cupertino, which has opened several hundred companies around the world.

Now it is up to its rival, Google, to embark on the adventure of physical business. The tech giant just announced the opening of a Google Store in New York this summer. It will be located in the Chelsea neighborhood where the company already has facilities.

See and test the device before you buy it

As with its competitor, in this store we find the main products that make Mountain View’s success: pixel smartphones via Nest-connected devices or Fitbit monitors for physical activity. Google had already tried pop-up stores or booths, but the announcement marks a turning point in the company’s retail intentions.

In order to convince customers of the relevance of a Google Store in 2021, the company promises the presence of experts in the store to solve certain problems encountered or to help with the installation or repair of a device.

Google explains that the health crisis has also changed the situation:

Our purchase expectations have changed significantly and forever due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many customers want to see the hardware before buying it – and learn more about what it’s used for and what it looks like in their hand or on a desk. But in-store shopping might be a little different from what customers are used to, and that’s fine.

Therefore, masks, hand hygiene measures and social distancing are required in Google Stores, which are also cleaned several times a day. There is no doubt that the tech giant will be keeping a close eye on this first New York experience before opening any new stores.

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