Snap is finally launching its augmented reality glasses

If we know Snap mainly thanks to its social network, the company also sells hardware. However, at first it was satisfied with glasses (the glasses) that were connected and equipped with cameras that can be linked to Snapchat to post videos.

This week Snap is stepping up a gear and presenting its augmented reality glasses. With the launch of this product, the company is ahead of Facebook and Apple, who are also interested in AR glasses.

Glasses, AR glasses for displaying lenses in augmented reality

Of course, Snap’s product focuses on the Snapchat social network. Thanks to augmented reality, these glasses make it possible to overlay the lens or Snapchat filters of the real world.

It seems that Snap preferred to sacrifice functionality in favor of design. In fact, the new glasses look almost like real glasses, with a design inspired by the 60s. They weigh only 134 grams and offer an augmented reality experience for 30 minutes.

Thanks to a display of 2000 nits of brightness, you can enjoy augmented reality indoors and outdoors with a latency of 15 milliseconds with the AR glasses from Snapchat. These shows are equipped with 2 RGB cameras, 4 microphones and 2 speakers. Everything is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 platform.

To control the product, the user has a touchpad, a voice interface and a hand tracking function.

A Snapchat lens product that has not yet been sold to the general public

These snap glasses are currently not for sale. At the moment the product is aimed at developers. You can use the shows to develop new augmented reality experiences in Lens Studio.

“Glasses are fully integrated with Lens Studio, our powerful desktop application that allows developers and developers to create and publish lenses on our Snap’s augmented reality platform. Lens Studio enables developers to power lenses with wireless technology for quick testing and iterations in real time, ”said a statement from Snap.

In addition, the company claims to have already offered a group of hand-picked designer glasses. However, other designers can request these glasses from a special page.

It is currently unknown when this product will be sold to the general public. However, it can be assumed that Snap will test this with the creator first, while also ensuring that there is more content before it can be commercialized. In any case, the presentation of these new glasses signals that Snap has not yet given up its hardware ambitions.

The growth of Snapchat, slowly but surely

The company presented these glasses at SPS 2021, an event dedicated to its partners. More announcements were made during this event to give these developers new opportunities to create and monetize.

Below is an excerpt from that event where Snap’s boss Evan Spiegel presented the new glasses.

We also learned that Snapchat now has over 500 million monthly users. Snapchat’s mini-game platform is also hugely successful, reaching 200 million people today. And around 30 million users use these games every month.

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