Spotify relies on audio books

In late April, Spotify formalized the introduction of a premium subscription system for access to certain podcast episodes. Specifically, creators can therefore offer some (or all) of their episodes through a paid subscription. For the latter, it is therefore a means of gaining access to a regular source of compensation, while many struggle to find a fully profitable economic model.

Soon live concerts on Spotify

Spotify just announced a new partnership with the audio book platform Storytel. The latter will use the premium subscription system set up by the Swedish streaming giant. From then on, Storyrtel subscribers will soon be able to listen to their content directly on Spotify.

Jonas Tellander, founder and CEO of Storytel, praised the deal, quoted by Techcrunch:

We want everyone to have access to the great stories. Today Storytel offers over 500,000 audiobooks in 25 markets worldwide. Our partnership with Spotify will make it easier than ever for our customers to experience exciting audiobooks and authors while reaching new audiences who are on Spotify today but have not yet experienced them. Magical audio books.

Our colleagues remember that Spotify approached Storytel earlier this year to offer certain literary classics such as Frankenstein and Jane Eyre. The celebrities were there with Daniel Radcliffe, David Beckham and Dakota Fanning for the Harry Potter reading.

Over the past few weeks, Spotify has been very active and has made a number of announcements. In particular, an automatic transcription of podcasts has been added, which brings a real plus in inclusivity. The streaming service will also offer a series of virtually paid concerts from May 27th. In particular, it will be possible to enjoy the performances of The Black Keys, Bleachers or Girls in Red.

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