The Android version of Clubhouse is here!

For several months now, the media have not stopped talking about Clubhouse, the social network that enables communication in audio shows. Previously, however, this platform was only accessible by invitation, so Android users had to be content with reading articles about the conversations taking place there or listening to broadcasts on other platforms.

The Android version is finally available worldwide (an invitation is still required, however)

Obviously, this situation is quite frustrating for those who are not using the Apple platform. But the good news is that Clubhouse’s Android version is finally available today.

As the audience skyrocketed, Clubhouse made developing its Android app a priority. The company announced the beta of this Android app three weeks ago. However, initially it was only available in a few countries.

Today Clubhouse for Android is finally available worldwide. This was just announced in a post on Twitter. A link to this app in the Google Play Store is available on the Clubhouse homepage ( After downloading the Android application, you will also need an invitation (from a Clubhouse user) to access the platform (which has not yet finished launching).

What if it’s too late

Unfortunately, the clubhouse’s growth already seems to be slowing. While the app was downloaded 9.5 million times in February, it was only downloaded 2.7 million times in March (72% fewer than in February).

Clubhouse certainly hopes that the launch of this Android application in the world will allow it to fuel its growth. It should be noted, however, that as the company finally launches this Android app, the number of competitors will increase.

As you may already know, Twitter has been testing a clubhouse-like service called Spaces for a while. And this one arrived on Android in front of Clubhouse. Other apps were also inspired by Clubhouse to develop new functions such as Discord, Slack or Reddit.

And of course, Facebook didn’t waste its time. The number one in social networks announced a major offensive in audio format with a clubhouse-inspired functionality, a new integration of Spotify, as well as the arrival of podcasts.

In essence, there are already many alternatives to the clubhouse today. And, like Snapchat Stories, you’d expect clubhouse audio lounges to be copied across the web.

In order to attract attention, Clubhouse also relies on content. After raising $ 4 billion in funding, the company announced the beneficiaries of its creator support program. You must publish content on Clubhouse and receive financial backing and technical support in return.

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