The Boursorama Banque is irresistible, € 130 is free

The Boursorama Banque started in a few years. The online bank announced its quarterly results a few days ago – and they are excellent. 203,000 new customers were acquired in the first three months of the year. In total, it has accumulated more than 2.8 million. A record when we know that runner-up ING is still stagnating at around a million.

In order to be successful, Boursorama Banque was creative: it has expanded its product range in order to appeal to a wide audience, relaxed its conditions for opening an account and offered a generous welcome bonus. For 4 days (May 21-24) she decided to be even more generous than normal with a premium inflated to € 130. No competitor does that so well.

Take a look at what Boursorama Banque has to offer

With this Pink Weekend, Boursorama Banque offers the icing on the cake. Online banking didn’t need this to win new customers. It’s another gesture to convince the most hesitant. Between this € 130 gift and the free account, you really have everything to win. The bank will give you so long to familiarize yourself with the account: you don’t have to close your current bank account. You can both live together.

A limited time offer

To take advantage of this exceptional offer, nothing could be easier. The Boursorama Banque is the most flexible institution to offer the welcome bonus. You must be of legal age, live in France and subscribe to one of the Welcome or Ultim packages. In either case, you have no income requirements. However, persons registered with the Banque de France are not entitled to these offers.

In other words, when you open an account, you don’t have to prove anything or pay anything. It is recalled that the Ultimate Offer is the standard formula for online banking. It’s the most successful because it’s more flexible than the welcome offer. This account also entitles you to a card that offers all the benefits of a Visa Premier card.

This year, Boursorama Banque was voted “cheapest bank in France” for the thirteenth time in a row. In 2020, 55% of all customers had no banking fees at all. The average costs for all customers in the reporting period were 7.73 euros. Knowing that the French have an average of € 210 in bank fees per year, the Boursorama Banque looks like a UFO.

Unlike neobanks, Boursorama Banque can pride itself on offering a range of banking products that are similar to those of a traditional bank. In the long term, you can therefore make Boursorama Banque your only bank. In addition to the checking account and bank cards, you can subscribe to a savings account, insurance, the stock market or even loans. In terms of prices, online banking does better than traditional competition.

As for the customer service that some people fear in an online bank, Boursorama Banque is impeccable. Everything is managed by phone, email, chat or through social networks. For the third time in a row, the bank won first place on the customer relations podium in a panel organized by Kantar.

Because of all these arguments, Boursorama Banque positions itself as a benchmark player in France. In the first quarter of 2020 alone, the bank recorded 203,000 new customers. With Pink Weekend operations, more than 3 million customers are likely to be expected this summer. The target is 4.5 million people by 2025.

A pink weekend to enjoy

Boursorama Banque very rarely conducts Pink Weekend transactions. We find it 2-3 times a year and it’s really time to open an account. The standard bonus offered by online banking is € 80. Here you have the opportunity to easily touch up to € 130. The first payment of € 80 will be made to open the account, and the next € 50 will be paid when ordering the credit card.

Please note that this Pink Weekend will take place from May 21st to May 24th, 2021. Online banking makes this special process its highlight before summer. This is likely to be the last time before summer that Boursorama Banque has such an offer.

You can find the current offer here:

Take a look at what Boursorama Banque has to offer

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