the electric car from IKEA … to assemble!

While some like to go to IKEA on Saturdays to buy a kit of a sofa, dishes and so on as soon as they get home, the Swedish giant plans to… market an electric car! A car whose design was entrusted to the designer Ryan Schlotthauer in collaboration with the French automobile giant Renault.

IKEA: soon an electric car kit with Renault?

In fact, they have developed a small electric vehicle called Höga, the design of which is obviously atypical. The latter has a length of 2.3 m, but also (and above all) a height of 1.80 m. The other special feature of this small electric car is that, like any self-confident piece of IKEA furniture, the buyer has the difficult task of getting it assemble it yourself.

To do this, no fewer than 374 parts need to be assembled following the instructions to avoid ending up with some remaining screws at the end of the assembly. From then on we can proudly admire its construction, with a Höga that is obviously equipped with four tires, a real chassis and enough space on board to integrate a bike or even an armchair.

© Schlotthauer Design

Obviously, you don’t have to book your Saturday to get to the nearest IKEA as this Höga is still in the simple concept phase and has to go through various validation phases before it one day arrives on the shelves of the famous chain of shops. An electric car that is both ecological and affordable, as the latter could “only” be sold for a little more than 5,000 euros.

To see now if it will really be possible to one day drive aboard this amazing IKEA Renault Hägo. After all, Renault marketed its Twizy well a few years ago. So why not …

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