Twitter is (finally!) Restarting its certification system

A few years ago, Twitter put its certification system on hold. By going through a form, it was then possible to have your Twitter account investigated to benefit (or not) from the precious blue badge that officially authenticates an account. The certification system has remained a mystery over the past few months, but the new form is in place as of today.

The new Twitter certification form is here!

In fact, Twitter takes great pride in announcing the end of a visibly tedious job aimed at putting in place an entirely new account verification system. Twitter states in passing that it has withdrawn the precious blue sesame from certain accounts that no longer met the verification criteria and / or were incomplete.

Starting today, Twitter is making its brand new certification form available. The latter is for everyone, but only certain elected officials can claim the blue badge of their dreams, namely governments, corporations, magazines and journalists, actors in the world of entertainment, sports, gaming or even “influencers”.

“But where is this new Twitter certification form hidden?” You are wondering in front of your screen. It’s easy and can be found in the Settings and Confidentiality section of your account. A new option gives you access to the relevant form. You then need to answer a series of questions and gather as much information as you can to explain to Twitter why your account deserves certification.

Twitter explains that after submitting the request, a response will be sent to the user within a few days or even weeks. If the request is approved, the blue badge will automatically be placed next to the user profile. If the request is ever denied, you can still try your luck in 30 days. Note that the form is currently deployed, so it may take a few days (and even a few weeks) for it to appear in your Twitter application.

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