Your thumb drives 2 marathons a year

Here is the news of the day! It comes from a study by the marketing agency Ilk. According to this study, our thumbs travel more than 83 kilometers per year simply by scrolling on the screen of our smartphone. It’s the equivalent of two marathons, a good argument to use when responding to people who advise you to get more exercise.

© Screenshot from / Ilk Agency

This study is based on an estimate that people spend approximately 49 minutes a day scrolling social networks. Your thumb therefore covers more or less kilometers depending on the use. If this study can make people smile first, it was actually done to alert the population to the risks we take if we use our thumbs too often in this way.

Do you know the “thumb scroller”?

In fact, the main function of the thumb is not to continuously scroll a screen and this can cause the presence of a lot of pain due to arthritis and other causes. This scourge even has a name: the “scroller thumb”. Here are some symptoms of the “scroller thumb”: pain or stiffness at the base of the affected thumb / finger, a click when moving the thumb / finger, difficulty moving the thumb or fingers when waking up in the morning, numbness at the tips of your fingers . Finger. There are a variety of exercises available to help relieve this pain, such as: B. Pressing an object or stretching your fingers with a rubber band.

However, if you can’t do without your smartphone, it is advisable to switch fingers frequently to scroll your screen. Don’t be afraid to sound like a “boomer” by holding your phone with one hand and using your index finger to navigate, for example, on your smartphone with the other hand. It’s nothing ridiculous, you save your thumb.

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