A € 700 discount on your Samsung 4K TV with Bouygues Telecom

Would you like to equip yourself with a new HD television for Euro football? Bouygues Telecom is currently showing an irresistible offer that allows you to combine an internet box with a 190cm 4K TV from Samsung. The “Les looks de compet ‘out” operation is a great opportunity to save € 700 on screen.

The Bbox Smart TV formula in question makes it possible to combine a subscription to a high-performance Internet box with a quality TV. Today these products are closely related as the boxes almost always contain a TV section. To simplify the entire installation, Bouygues Telecom replaces the TV decoder with… the TV directly. The latter, connected to the Internet, gives you access to an application with 150 channels (B.tv +) that you can view on your screen.

When you choose this unique formula at Bouygues Telecom, the operator undertakes to subsidize the purchase of your television set. The most attractive discount concerns the 190 cm format from Samsung, the price of which has dropped to 499 euros instead of 1199 euros. However, you can opt for a smaller model, which will ultimately cost you less.

See the Bbox Smart TV offer

A television that acts as a decoder

Internet boxes have long been complicated products to learn. Today, some ISPs like Bouygues Telecom are making an effort to simplify the product and get everyone started. The Bbox Smart TV is the ultimate step towards simplicity as it reduces boxes and cables. No more TV decoder, all you have is a box and a TV.

This is a special feature of the Bbox Smart TV formula that is not included in the classic Internet box formulas from Bouygues Telecom (Bbox Fit, Must and Ultym). For those who want not only a good internet box but a new TV as well, this is an offer that really makes all the difference.

Now to get to the internet box part, the formula goes like this: It includes very high speed fiber (1 Gbps for downloading and 500 Mbps for sending), unlimited calls to landlines and cell phones, and 150 TV Channels. These TV channels can be accessed via a mobile B.tv + application, but also via your TV interface.

As you can imagine, the downstream speed needs to be good enough for the TV to be able to display the picture in 4K. For this reason, the Bbox Smart TV is only available today for households that are eligible for fiber optics. You must therefore test your eligibility on the Bouygues Telecom website when subscribing to this offer.

The price for the Bbox Smart TV formula is 39.99 euros per month. Then you have to add the price of the TV, which currently fluctuates between € 49 and € 499 depending on the model selected. If you’re looking for the larger model, the Samsung 190cm TV is extra. If you have subscribed to the Internet Box at Bouygues Telecom, the ISP will send you instructions on how to order your TV at a reduced price on the Samsung official website.

See the Bbox Smart TV offer

As with almost all operators, Bouygues Telecom will ask you to make a commitment over a period of time. With the Bbox Smart TV, customers have to take out a 24-month subscription. Given the savings you will get on purchasing the TV, the commitment is well justified.

Which TV model should I choose?

If you want the best experience, the 190cm TV is sure to be the most impressive. That said, if your living room isn’t big enough, such a size may seem a little oversized. Bouygues Telecom also has the solution, as its offerings cover 5 different TV formats. It ranges from the small 108 cm to the largest 190 cm.

The icing on the cake is that Bouygues Telecom will also reimburse you for all termination costs. If you already have a box with a competitor and choose this new formula, they’ll agree to reimburse you up to € 100. Regardless of the operator, the fees are less than this amount, so the transition goes smoothly. But that’s not all ! To make the purchase easier for you, the operator offers you a 4-fold free payment. In addition, delivery is free.

To discover the offer, find it here:

See the Bbox Smart TV offer

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