Almost 60% of gamers hide their gender to avoid online harassment

If you’re an avid fan of video games, and online games in particular, chances are that you (unfortunately) are doing everything you can to cover up your gender while playing online. This is indeed shown by a study by Reach3 Insights and Lenovo on more than 900 players in the USA, Germany and China. According to the latter, almost 60% of gamers prefer to hide their gender in order to play calmly without fear of receiving an inappropriate comment.

Are the players forced to hide in order to play “quietly”?

Indeed, if there was a time when the video game was a one-on-one exercise or was meant to be shared with (real) friends on the same sofa, online gaming has made it possible for a number of years to confront players from all over the world. straight from his living room. So often the experience is quite enriching, with fair play players and great encounters, it also finds itself in the midst of particularly toxic, vulgar, even dangerous players …

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“I often play male characters in MMORPGs so that people don’t realize that I’m a girl,” says one interviewed gamer. “We try to hide who we are so people don’t flirt with us, send us things, messages we really don’t want, or pictures.”

According to the study, 77% of the players surveyed say they have been discriminated against, mostly through comments about their gaming skills (70%) or condescending comments (50%), not to mention relationship requests (44%).

On the other hand, more than 80% believe that the female gender is very well represented in video games when the players are sometimes sadly greeted by other players during an online session. Indeed, woman has had a place of choice in video game for a number of years, and if Lara Croft is the example one commonly thinks of, Aloy of the Horizon saga, Jill Valentine, can also be cited. Heroine from Resident Evil 3, but also Ellie from The Last of Us, Nadine Ross and Chloé Frazer for Uncharted: Lost Legacy or even Samus Aran from Nintendo.

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