In the face of piracy, Disney wants to secure its films thanks to the blockchain

In 2020, there was a 10% decrease in traffic to torrent sharing sites. This does not mean that the piracy of films and series is gone, on the contrary. Illegal streaming sites even have spectacular audiences. Just to mention the case of France: According to Hadopi, 24% of the population visited one of these portals to distribute illegal content.

Disney is one of the main victims of this trend. The entertainment giant has already managed to secure the closure of many locations in the past, but that’s not always enough. Especially since many of them return in the form of mirrors, copies of those that have just been taken offline.

The protection of film copies would be inadequate

TorrentFreak discovered a recently filed Disney patent offering a blockchain-based feature film distribution system. The focus is on providing content for cinemas. Sometimes during this process it happens that the copies of the movies are obtained and then streamed online.

The document states the following on this subject: ‚ÄúSecurity mechanisms are often reactive rather than preventive. For example, some setups add a watermark to the content to track piracy after it has already occurred. As a result, current devices do not adequately prevent piracy. “

At Blockhain, controls should be much stricter. In detail, for example, it is impossible to play a movie before it arrives at the designated location. Likewise, the system can keep track of the number of times a feature film is viewed to prevent malicious actors from broadcasting it.

It is not yet known if the company plans to roll out this device in the short term, but it may also give ideas to the competition. The fight against piracy is a long one, and those authorized to do so seem unwilling to lose their vigilance.

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