This AI artist creates visuals inspired by reading poetry

What if artificial intelligence could become a real complement to art? In any case, this is the bet made by Glenn Marshall, computer scientist and artist, who used technology to radically transform the presentation of a poem.

He chose In the Bleak Midwinter, the work of Christina Rossetti, a 19th century British poet, to take action. You can see the result in this video posted on YouTube.

A very disturbing audio deepfake by Christopher Lee

The result is amazing and artificial intelligence has been used here in two ways. Initially, it was possible to create text-based visualizations using the Story2Hallucination tool, which is used to convert words into videos. As our colleagues at TheNextWeb have noted, the latter sometimes interprets the words of the poem literally.

For the narration, Glenn Marshall relied on the tool and created a kind of deepfake based on the voice of actor Christopher Lee. This company provides services for videographers to use in their streams. Here, too, there is a rather disturbing, peculiar side to listening.

If this use of AI in artistic matters may come as a surprise, it is nowhere near the only one. Culturally, this technology also inspires developers a lot. For example, last year we spoke to you about this artificial intelligence trying to answer the big questions that humanity has been asking since the beginning of time.

The developments on philosophical topics such as the meaning of life or even love are more convincing. The tool, on the other hand, avoids taking risks when discussing political issues.

Finally, a service like GPT-3 Books offers book recommendations based on your current mood. So on the dedicated site, you can just type in what you’re looking for and the AI ​​will take care of the rest.

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