With this app you can control the life of an influencer

If you’ve always dreamed of remotely controlling someone’s life, there is now an app for that. Launched in beta for iOS last year, NewNew allows a developer to choose their subscribers to help them make decisions in their daily life.

Specifically, according to the BBC, this service is primarily aimed at authors who have carried out a long investigation of this file. By this we have to understand: writers, painters, musicians, bloggers or even fashion designers who have a certain influence on social networks.

“This can lead to potentially self-destructive or humiliating scenarios.”

So what interest would they have in asking total strangers for their opinion? Money. Our colleagues cite the example of Brandon Wong, a writer who struggled to choose a take-away dish. He then starts a survey on NewNew, which his followers can take for $ 5. The verdict will come quickly and the young man will choose Korean food as his audience has requested.

Ultimately, this new system could therefore be a real opportunity for influencers to connect even more closely to their communities and monetize their connection. That is, these exchanges have existed before, but they are paid for here, and we can therefore wonder if these creators will not lose their authenticity a little.

Relationships can also be built the other way around, and a fan can ask a personality to take action. The latter can of course refuse and in this case the follower will not be charged.

In any case, this tool is not without asking a number of moral questions. Psychologist Stuart Duff, quoted by the British media, fears that fan-creator relationships are becoming unhealthy: “It doesn’t take long for a creator to go on and on to win the votes of his followers, which can potentially lead to self-destructive or humiliating Scenarios “.

For their part, the NewNew teams demand strict moderation. If a person does not comply with the policy, they can have their contents deleted and risk being banned from use.

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