Apple has a malware problem on the Mac. How to protect yourself

In Epic Games’ resounding lawsuit against Apple, Craig Federighi, VP, who is responsible for the brand’s software engineering, returned to the safety of the brand’s products. While he considers the operating system for the iPhone to be safe (iOS), he said the company has “a level of malware on Macs that we do not think is acceptable”.

In the remainder of his speech, he added another layer by stating that “unfortunately we have a much bigger malware problem on the Mac”. He explains this difference by the fact that iOS is a closed ecosystem, while Mac users tend to use services and install applications that are not always reliable.

To make his point, Craig Federighi compared his legendary computer to a car: “The Mac is like a car that you can drive off-road and wherever you want. If you drive correctly, and follow the rules of the road, and are very careful, a Mac is fine. Otherwise, I know members of my family who have had malware on their Macs. “

A complete antivirus to keep yourself safe

If Mac users thought they were safe for a long time, the reality is very different. For this reason, there are also antivirus programs for this operating system. Cyber ​​security specialist Intego made it its spearhead too. Since 1997 he has published security software exclusively for Mac. It is not available on Windows, iOS, or Android.

Discover Antivirus for Mac

With Intego, you have the option of choosing just the antivirus (which also includes a firewall) or a more complete solution. The latter, called Premium Bundle X9, goes much further: it also includes a tool to clean and speed up your Mac (useful if your Mac shows signs of slowness), a tool to create automatic backups, or even a parental control service.

In the end, you have real security on your Mac for a few dollars a year. That way, you can safely surf the Internet and download all the applications that interest you. If necessary, Intego can notify you of threats in real time and quarantine all files. The software works in the background (without slowing down your computer) and doesn’t bother you with popups.

The price for the Mac Premium Bundle X9 is € 34.99 instead of € 84.99 per year – for a Mac. Purchasing a 2-year license (or purchasing a license for multiple computers) can significantly reduce the cost of a single Mac. If you want to use the antivirus program alone, thanks to our offer for a Mac, it costs only € 19.99 per year (instead of € 49.99).

If you’ve had the chance to read our guide to the best antivirus, you may have seen that Intego is the best software for Mac. With a solution built natively for Mac, it will be ahead of all players in the cybersecurity market (Bitdefender, McAfee, etc.). Beyond the security aspect, the Intego package solution (Bundle Premium X9) is quite simply the best price on the market.

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Discover Antivirus for Mac

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