By focusing on local productions, Netflix has ensured its success

For several years now, Netflix has been leaving its national playground and increasingly trusting local productions in Europe and the rest of the world. In the old continent, it is sometimes forced to respond to a quota policy, as is the case in France, but the platform relies on that strategy elsewhere as well and does pretty well for it.

Netflix has made a name for itself in the film industry

Researchers at the Open University of Catalonia have been working on exactly this topic, especially on original feature films. They acknowledge that Netflix’s approach was not due to chance and was conceived as “a more diversified and comprehensive strategy than the original productions suggested”. “”

To ensure the success of its films, the platform has also used various methods, including having premieres in cinemas or participating in certain prestigious festivals. The streaming service wanted to earn its nobility in the movie industry and destroy its image of the entertainment available.

The recruitment of such respected directors as Alfonso Cuarón was instrumental in helping Netflix win three Oscars for the film Roma. The movement was launched and the company today administers the awards for these grand ceremonies.

Logically, this plan prompted the streaming service to internationalize its productions. In 2018, Netflix produced 70 feature films in ten different languages, and the movement has grown steadily since then. And far from being limited to their original language, the films can find audiences all over the world. This is especially true for Spanish productions The Platform and Below Zero.

By combining blockbuster films with more confidential feature films aimed at a niche audience, Netflix manages to bring together very diverse subscribers from around the world.

In a study published last September, Australian researchers had already come back to this advantage, which was demonstrated by the internationalization of productions for the platform. This ability to serve a creation to millions of subscribers is completely shattering the habits of entertainment gamers. The big chains therefore tend to complain that Netflix is ​​not always subject to the same national rules that they have to adhere to.

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