The very first Xbox (from 2001) has one last little secret hidden …

Inevitably, some will remember that on March 14, 2002, the very first Microsoft video game console was marketed in Europe. Launched in the US in mid-November 2001, the Xbox has landed in stores with its oversized controller but also with a more seductive cast since Dead or Alive 3, Oddworld: Munch’s Odyssey, Project Gotham Racing, and (especially) Halo presented at launch.

An Easter egg for the first Xbox, discovered 20 years later

So in a few months’ time we will be celebrating 20 years of the very first Xbox, an event that Microsoft should not (we hope at least) let happen. In the meantime, we obviously thought we’d taken the tour of this first console signed by Microsoft, but one developer wanted to confirm that an Easter egg residing in the machine’s interface was never discovered. Note that with the latest update to the Xbox series, you can enjoy an animated wallpaper in honor of that first Xbox.

In fact, the developers at the time enjoyed hiding a little secret at the heart of the Xbox interface. A well-kept secret as the latter wasn’t discovered until 20 years later, but we have to admit that the latter probably never would have come to light without the help of a developer.

Indeed, in order to activate this mysterious Easter egg, it is necessary to carry out a rather restrictive manipulation. The process is to insert an audio CD into the device and save it in the device’s memory. You will then have to rename the album to “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”. When you return to the main menu, you will need to switch to the System tab.

The Easter egg then pops up in broad daylight and is displayed by the developers’ ad behind the very first Xbox dashboard in place of the legal notices that normally appear. The manipulation is of course quite restrictive and the result overall rather anecdotal, but it is amazing to see that such a secret could have been kept for almost 20 years. Keep in mind that Nintendo’s GameCube interface has hidden some pretty fun secrets too.

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