4 reasons to choose Apple’s new computer

The new iMac is here! And like every new generation, Apple’s desktop computer softens our eyes.

This year the machine has more to seduce than the others. In addition to the integration of the M1 chip (Apple’s first home chip), it is characterized by a brand new design that is more elegant than ever. While you wait for a more complete review, here are 4 reasons to choose the new iMac M1 24 ”.

For its new colorful design

The iMac has always been a showcase for Apple’s design expertise. This new model is therefore part of this philosophy. Apple pushes all the sliders to the maximum here to achieve a stunning result.

The new iMac M1 is initially characterized by its new colors. No more gray, we can now choose a colorful computer.

Overall, Apple offers its machine in seven colors: blue, green, pink, gray, yellow, orange and purple. She took the opportunity to update her Magic Keyboard (keyboard available with or without Touch ID) and Magic Mouse (mouse), both of which were dressed in a matching color.

© Apple

Apple was particularly keen to keep the same format as the previous 21-inch iMac. Even so, it has significantly reduced the size of the bezels (with the exception of the lower one where all components are concentrated) as the new iMac integrates a 24-inch screen. Another little novelty: The contours are now white.

Finally, and this is undoubtedly the most impressive, the finesse (11.5mm) and weight (just over 4kg) of the machine are hard to believe. We might even consider lugging it from one room to another in the house depending on our needs. Bluff.

For his crazy appearances

© Apple

The new iMac is the first desktop model to feature the new M1 chip. The new chip was first integrated into the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and is the first of the Apple Silicon era.

Unsurprisingly, this new generation iMac is a monster of power regardless of the configuration chosen. If Apple has always considered the iMac to be the family computer par excellence, this new model will meet the needs of more demanding users.

In these times of remote work, it will be able to support the majority of teleworkers in the quiet of the cathedral (thanks to its latest generation fan). Suitable for both office automation and photo editing, it is impressive when applied to the creation software, especially the Adobe suite. Best of all, the Final Cut Pro editing software can process up to 5 video streams. A pleasure.

The ideal machine for teleworking?

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The iMac M1 is more than a powerful machine and is particularly suitable for the new use of teleworkers. In addition to its high-performance M1 chip, it has devices that are optimized for video conferencing.

Often criticized for the quality of its camera, the iMac M1 features a new FaceTime HD lens with a larger sensor that can record up to Full HD (1080p). The M1 chip obviously uses its little grain of salt and further improves the reproduction of the image (thanks to the ISP module), especially in poor lighting conditions.

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Apple also included three studio-quality microphones (according to Apple) that can filter out unwanted noise to give your voice more clarity.

Apple iMac 24 “M1 256 GB at the best price Base price: € 1,449

For its great screen

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The iMac isn’t just a work tool. If, in our opinion, Apple opted for a slightly small panel, it didn’t reduce the display quality. On the program a retina screen that can display content in 4.5 KB or 11.3 million pixels.

It covers the P3 color spectrum and shows a brightness of 500 nits. Finally, True Tone (technology from the iPhone that adapts the colorimetry to the environment) is part of this technical arsenal.

All these beautiful people enable the iMac to establish itself as a machine for multimedia. Whether we are fans of films and series or games, we have the full view.

For its audio quality

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A good multimedia experience also requires good sound quality. Determined to make its iMac the ultimate family machine, Apple is equipping it with six speakers.

It is important that the iMac can stream content in Dolby Atmos. In this case, the Spatial Audio feature (which we’ve heard a lot about on Apple Music and the AirPods Max) is supported.

While the iMac won’t replace an entire audio system, the hardware built into it has already proven to be excellent. Apple had already proven its know-how in this area with the 16 ” MacBook Pro, and it definitely seems to have found its magic formula.

Apple iMac 24 “M1 256 GB at the best price Base price: € 1,449

The iMac M1 24 ”therefore has many advantages to conquer the general public. Even so, this computer is not within reach for all budgets, even if Apple has significantly reduced the wing compared to previous years. So count € 1449 for the “cheapest” model, which is only available in blue-green, pink and gray.

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