A more precise idea of ​​the design of the PS5 Slim

Sony’s PS5, launched last November, is still not traceable in stores, despite being launched more than six months ago. A few weeks ago we mentioned the possibility that the Japanese giant could “rethink” its PS5 from 2022 to better manage the production of the console in its factories while also making the passage a little refreshing for the design of the machine.

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LetsGoDigital has already introduced the PS5 Slim

At Concept Creator, we had fun imagining what this future PS5 Slim might look like. Everything is in the form of a particularly successful video that is very easily mistaken for an official Sony presentation video.

Indeed, if the PS5 is adorned with some successful stylistic originalities, we have to admit that the Sony console is particularly massive, with the added bonus of a general design that separates the crowd a bit. As in the past with the previous four PlayStation generations, Sony will one day offer a “slim” version of its PS5.

The concept presented by Concept Creator makes it possible to visualize a much more compact machine while maintaining the style codes of the PS5 as we know them. On the front are the USB-C and USB-A ports, but also the valuable PlayStation logo, which is now centered on the case. The console is more discreet, rounder and shows a certain affiliation with this good old PS4 Slim. LetsGoDigital goes so far as to imagine a PS5 Slim, which is offered in white and black, but also in “Jet Black”.

Of course, this is just the vision of some designers who are very talented in their field, but it does not reflect Sony’s future PS5 Slim. We will have to wait many months for this. Hopefully then it will be possible to buy a PS5 simply by walking into a store.

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