Apple Co-Founder Sued for Copyright Infringement

This is a case Steve Wozniak would have done well. The Apple co-founder is actually being sued for copyright infringement by Ralph Reilly, an economics professor. The man is demanding $ 1 million in damages from the contractor.

To better understand this complex story, we have to go back to 2011. The teacher says that this year Steve Wozniak accepted his idea of ​​creating a technological university based on his name and reputation. An agreement that would have been sealed by a handshake between the two men immortalized by a surveillance camera.

Steve Wozniak started a green finance project

Previously, from September 2010, they had exchanged several e-mails on this subject. According to Ralph Reilly, Steve Wozniak would have approved the launch of the Woz Institute of Technology via email. The latter, in turn, declares that he does not remember it, but that he would not deny the fact that he signed this document.

In 2013, the professor created the location of the aforementioned institute. The Apple co-founder’s teams then demanded that this portal be deleted and that the professor no longer come into contact with Steve Wozniak.

In 2017, the entrepreneur finally started “Woz U”, a programming bootcamp that offered courses to learn to code. In this file, Ralph Reilly is therefore demanding compensation for copyright infringement. The judiciary will settle the dispute between the two men, and the trial is due to open in Arizona on June 7th.

As a reminder, Steve Wozniak recently founded Efforce. The latter is based on a platform that acts as a market. The idea is to give companies the opportunity to invest in eco-friendly projects, regardless of whether they are big or more anecdotal. The startup uses blockchain and has even launched its digital token, the WOZX. Critics were heard about this project. Some people wonder why this mark is so prominent in company communications.

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