NASA, ESA and JAXA are organizing hackathons to understand the impact of the pandemic on the environment

It has been more than a year and a half since the first cases of Covid-19 were discovered. You are not without knowing that the situation has worsened over the months to mark human history forever.

Today it is important to realize that this health crisis has forever changed many of our habits and much more. Containment measures, curfews, the democratization of teleworking and the increase in medical waste are all factors that have a significant impact on the environment.

A hackathon to speed up research

This is why NASA, ESA and JAXA decided to organize a hackathon with a very specific goal to understand the impact of the pandemic on the environment. Between June 23 and 29, the three space agencies are organizing a virtual event to solve this problem.

During this research week, attendees will have access to the “dashboard,” a support created by collecting data from satellites put into orbit by the three agencies. This tool makes it possible to observe the effects of the pandemic on our planet in the short and long term.

As part of this challenge, several very specific categories were identified to shape the research: air quality, water quality, economic impact, agricultural impact, greenhouse gases, interconnected earth system impact, and social impact.

The teams selected after this week of intensive research will be able to incorporate their findings into the “dashboard” and their solutions should be given full prominence. Registrations are open to people who want to take part in this hackathon. All planning is available on the event’s official website.

Registrations are individual. Once your registration is complete, you will join a team. You can invite your friends to register or use the platform provided to find a team.

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