On YouTube, a music video smashed the recording of the views within 24 hours

The community of the K-pop group BTS is definitely the most effective. On YouTube, the channel broke the record for the number of cumulative views in less than 24 hours with 58.3 million subscribers. The South Korean boy band has set the bar very high thanks to a “Premiere” broadcast and a new single accompanied by a music video.

In less than a day, their new title “Butter” received 113 million views. In August 2020, the previous record hit 101.1 million views, reports Variety. No other YouTube channel has ever been able to keep up with the group on such a level. However, South Koreans are far from having the strongest community on the platform.

In the ranking of the most popular YouTube channels, BTS took 17th place on May 15th. Before the boy band, the South Korean girl band “BlackPink” (61.4 million subscribers), Justin Bieber at number 12 (63.2 million subscribers) or the first channel of the T series and its 183 million subscribers.

A second record

In order to support BTS and achieve such an achievement, their last clip “Butter” was accompanied by a broadcast on “Premiere”. Since 2018, YouTube has offered a function that channels can use to schedule their video uploads. At the time of publication, subscribers can watch the broadcast in a live format such as a preview.

BTS used the tool and recorded the data set for the largest number of internet users who were there live. During the broadcast there were no more than 3.9 million snapshots on Friday, May 21. As of late Sunday, the new title posted on YouTube received nearly 173 million views. A level that ten years ago corresponded to the most watched videos on the platform.

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