Pope Francis is preparing to drive this fun SUV electric

It will have an unprecedented dome for Pope Francis to sit there and greet the crowd. Next year the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church will drive a brand new electric car. A second “emission-free” model in his collection, which last year housed a hydrogen Toyota Mirai.

Far from traditional builders, the model in question is still unknown to the battalion. This is the future “Ocean” SUV from the American start-up Fisker, which is preparing to be marketed for next November with European production in Austria. Fisker is far from an insignificant name in the industry, but there have been several misfortunes in its history.

© Fisker

The Pope turns green

One of the first elements of the car is the interior made from recycled materials from plastic bottles, especially those obtained from the sea. Future production units will have a range of 480 kilometers, with fast charging restoring 80% of the battery capacity in 30 minutes.

The base model is priced at $ 37,499 in the United States, where Fisker makes most of its sales. A second birth for a brand that is both young and 14 years old. Fisker was introduced in 2007, best known for its Fisker Karma manufactured from 2011, but had to cease operations in November 2012 following a bankruptcy at its battery supplier.

Today Fisker’s name is shared by a Chinese conglomerate that renamed the original company “Karma Automotive”. Fisker Inc, the new startup launched in 2017 by Fisker founder Henrik Fisker in 2007, is the company responsible for the future Ocean SUV that will be outfitting Pope Francis.

© Fisker

“I was inspired to read that Pope Francis is very attentive to the environment and the effects of climate change on future generations,” Henrik Fisker said in a statement. He and the Bishop of Rome met last Thursday and shared a photo to see the first illustrations of the electric car. A “mutual friend” organized the meeting for them, reports NBC News, without giving details.

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