Stop wasting, your bills can drop by 80%

Changing your cellular plan can be a smart way to cut down on your monthly budget. In fact, this item of expense now appears to be incompressible. We must therefore find the best time to get an attractive discount. And right on this Whit Monday there are real nuggets. Between Prixtel (raised), RED from SFR and the Mi 11i from SFR you have a lot of money to save.

See the Prixtel offer

Please note that regardless of the operator, the offers on his mobile phone plan will end in the coming days. These are fleeting offers that will force customers to hurry. However, given the savings that can be made, it is in your best interest to activate yourself for great discounts.

A 20 GB package for 4.99 euros

We hadn’t seen it since 2018 and it finally reappeared in 2021. The legendary mobile phone plan with 20 GB for only 4.99 euros per month has made a comeback. Only the MVNO Prixtel can position itself on such an offer today. It’s an excellent subscription as you can choose the SFR or Orange network for your package.

From the point of view of the price-performance ratio, there is no better one. The operator’s mobile tariff “Le petit” should be flexible. If you have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 20 GB for 4.99 euros per month by default, there are two higher (data) levels with which you can avoid an overpriced out-of-package. This is the best way to have a dynamic invoice month after month.

Above you can see the levels of the mobile plan “Le petit”. The latter is also available in two other more generous data formulas. The second package contains 40, 60 and 80 GB (for such scalable prices). After all, the third and final subscription is called “The Giant” and enables levels from 100 to 200 GB. The latter is also compatible with Orange and SFR’s 5G network.

You can find the current offer here:

See the Prixtel offer

Prixtel meets all the criteria for its excellent mobile tariff. Not only is it very cheap, but it’s flexible too. The MVNO does not require you to subscribe to this subscription. Then this package is also climate neutral. Prixtel offsets all emissions with trees, it is the only one that is so committed to nature.

Regardless of the data level you choose, Prixtel is currently the best tariff for mobile devices. From the point of view of the price-performance ratio, this 20 GB offer for 4.99 euros is a UFO. RED by SFR and B & You, the two big competitors, are limited to 5 GB for the same price. With Prixtel you therefore have four times more data for the same price (and, according to ARCEP, the best network in France).

SFR: Combine a plan and the Mi 11i 5G

A few days ago, Xiaomi made its latest Mi 11i 5G official. The latter combines extreme performance and successful design. Unfortunately, high-end products always come at a pretty high price. Fortunately (!) SFR gives you the opportunity to get it from just € 1 (+ € 3 / month for 24 months).

Between the 6.67-inch AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the Snapdragon 888 processor, a triple photo sensor with a 108 MP main module, or even 5G connectivity and Wi-Fi 6, we can hardly do better. If you choose a package with operator commitment, you can still enjoy this excellent smartphone for a few more days at an affordable price.

The following has to be done in detail:

Order the Xiaomi Mi 11i 5G 256 GB at SFR. Benefit from the trade-in bonus for your old cell phone (up to € 600). Choose the 120 GB 5G plan (24 months). Pay € 3 per month for 24 months (payment installments).

To discover the Mi 11i 5G at SFR, please find here:

See the offer at SFR

RED from SFR, the package with a free Galaxy S9

RED by SFR is another operator that has specialized in the cell phone plan without obligation. The 5 GB cellular plan for 5 euros per month is very attractive, but the Prixtel offer casts a shadow on it. Even so, you still have a few hours (until midnight) busy with his RED deal. This is an unprecedented operation that can help you get a Samsung Galaxy S9 for free.

In this particular case (and only in this case) the selection of the cellular plan requires a commitment of 24 months. It includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 100 GB for € 20 per month. In return for this commitment, RED by SFR offers you a refurbished Galaxy S9 (class A) worth 299 euros. You can resell it later if it doesn’t suit you and this will lower the cost of your subscription.

Thanks to the Samsung smartphone that is offered to you, the 100 GB cellular plan costs only 7.50 euros per month over the entire period of 24 months. It is therefore in your interest to take advantage of this opportunity. Therefore, taking into account the reliability of the operator, the generosity of the data and the price, you have a very good offer to reduce your bill.

To discover this RED deal offer, please find it here:

See the RED by SFR offer

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