The judiciary opened an investigation into favoritism

In June last year, Anticor decided to seize the prosecutor over possible overcharges in the maintenance of the StopCovid application (renamed TousAntiCovid since the editor’s notice). The latter is carried out by the Outscale company.

The association then stated on its Twitter account: “The StopCovid application, which was developed free of charge, costs more than 200,000 euros for hosting. A price that is much higher than market practice. Anticor has seized the National Treasury Prosecutor. “

The anti-corruption organization further claimed that if the law had required the government to use them for projects over € 139,000, there would have been no tender.

The procedure “does not worry” Cédric O.

Almost a year later, we learned that the National Treasury Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) had launched a preliminary investigation into favoritism following the association’s warning last September. This information is all the more reactive as TousAntiCovid has since become an essential tool for this new deconfination.

Jean-Baptiste Soufron, quoted by HuffPost, Anticor’s lawyer, explains: “These are important questions that will be asked on a topic that will affect every French person when the Health Passport is introduced.” From June 9th, the application will be used to access certain large gatherings or to travel. You can also find our full article on this file.

Guest of France Info this Sunday, Cédric O, State Secretary for Digital Change and Electronic Communication, responded to this news. He defends himself: “Did we have to go quickly? Yes. Did we follow the rules? Yes.” He ensures that the process “does not cause concern” and that “it is normal for the judiciary to investigate when it asks questions can “.

In June last year, Cédric O had already stated that “all transparency would be created and that the maintenance costs would be negligible in view of the health concerns of TousAntiCovid.

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