Twitch dedicates a category to hot tubs

If you enjoy spending time on Twitch, some particularly interesting new suggestions must have surfaced. Most often it is women in bathing suits in the hot tub or bathtub who put on a live based on a simple concept: showing their bodies.

These are “hot tubs,” a trend that is gaining ground on the platform. This trend is valued by many users and not rated very positively by any of them. To better understand this point of view, it is important to review Twitch’s guidelines.

A two-speed discourse?

Twitch is arguably one of the toughest social platforms out there. A streamer can quickly get banned if nudity, violence, alcohol, drugs, copyright, and more appear on their streams. However, a woman in a bathing suit in her bathtub who sets subgoals to make more suggestive promises doesn’t risk anything. Better still, Twitch officially created the Pool, Hot Tub, and Beach category.

The addition of this new category comes just days after Twitch decided to remove ads from its streams that are considered “contextual exceptions” to its nudity policy.

The company announced that it is also working on reinstalling the ad inserts in these streams. In a recent blog post, Twitch wrote, “Being deemed sexy by others is not against our rules, and Twitch will not use coercion against women or anyone else in our service because of their perceived attractiveness. Nobody deserves to be molested about the content they air, their appearance or identity, and we will take action against anyone who maintains this type of toxicity in our service. “

A speech that was judged by many representatives of the Twitch community, but also by many users, to be divided into two parts.

Pull out

By: Twitch Interactive, Inc.

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