Airbnb is being updated in anticipation of summer. What changes?

The Covid-19 crisis hit the travel industry hard. Airbnb hasn’t been spared, but seems determined to move forward. Just before summer, the apartment rental platform announced the implementation of new features for its service. The idea is to simplify the hosts’ route and give guests more flexibility.

In detail, the process of registering your property is less complex than it has been in the past as it takes fewer steps to post an ad. Airbnb relies on its machine learning algorithms to automatically organize guest photos. The latter even get suggestions for their titles and descriptions to make their rental even more attractive.

Airbnb is improving its assistance system

There are a few other features as well, including the introduction of a new Today tab that hosts can use to navigate through tasks or follow new messages.

The tenants are not forgotten either. As Airbnb announced in February, the idea is to give them more leeway in their research. Our Techcrunch colleagues cite the example of finding accommodation for less than $ 250 a night. The user can view properties that meet this criterion but are priced slightly above this range. The platform will do the same for goals. These functions have the particular advantage of improving the offer for destinations where fewer rents are offered.

Finally, Airbnb decided to improve their support service. The number of agents available on the phone will double in the summer, increasing coverage from 11 to 42 languages. The help center has also been redesigned to make it easier to navigate.

As a reminder, the platform regularly tries to improve. As the number of underground parties rises, the company has announced that it will be setting up financial support to help guests equip with noise alarms.

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