Bernie Sanders no longer wants NASA to fund Blue Origin

Bernie Sanders isn’t just a meme, he’s first and foremost the Senator from Vermont. Yesterday Bernie Sanders took part in the debate on the Artemis program. The latter drafted an amendment to the Endless Frontier Act.

The Endless Frontier Act was proposed by Senators Chuck Schumer and Todd Young to provide access to $ 110 billion for basic and advanced technological research over the next five years. Although the main purpose of the Endless Frontier Act is to fuel the scientific and research effort in the United States, some Senators like Bernie Sanders want to make some improvements.

Another attack on Jeff Bezos

The 1925 Senator from Vermont has one goal in mind: to prevent Jeff Bezos from taking advantage of it. With this amendment, Sanders wants to counteract that of his counterpart Maria Cantwell, a senator from Washington state. The latter issued an amendment amending the Artemis program to allow NASA to invest $ 10.03 billion in additional funds in the Human Landing System program.

Bernie Sanders sees these efforts as a way to promote Blue Origin, a state-owned company run by Maria Cantwell. Bernie Sanders has not spoken publicly about his amendment, but his intentions seem clear. He is used to criticizing billionaires in general and Jeff Bezos in particular, the founder of Amazon and the richest person in the world (who was overtaken by a Frenchman for a few hours).

Bernie Sanders is more than an attack on Maria Cantwell and her shaky change. He mainly attacks Jeff Bezos through Blue Origin. Right now it is difficult to know what impact this will have on NASA’s Artemis program. The Endless Frontier Act has yet to be passed by the United States House where the Cantwell Amendment can be removed.

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