Google and Qualcomm are teaming up again to improve Android devices

Google and Qualcomm are among the major players in the smartphone market. Qualcomm is one of the main chip suppliers to Android smartphone manufacturers, while Google is the company that supplies this operating system.

And recently, these two giants decided to join forces to improve the ecosystem. For example, in December they announced a partnership that will make it easier to deploy Android updates on devices with Snapdragon chips.

Indeed, Google and Qualcomm have made sure that a smartphone maker developing an Android update for its devices with Snapdragon chips does not need to change the part of the software that is specific to those chips. The result: Operating system updates could be introduced more quickly on some models, and Android may be less fragmented in the future.

A new collaboration to improve app performance using AI

And recently Qualcomm announced a new partnership with Google at the Google I / O conference. This time, the collaboration between the two companies concerns the component of the Qualcomm chips that manage artificial intelligence.

“Today we have some exciting news to report. We’re working with Google to develop updatable AI drivers for Snapdragon mobile platforms. Qualcomm Technologies and Google will offer regular updates for NNAPI from the end of the year. The drivers are made available to devices through Google Play services, they are automatically updated in the background, and the updatable NNAPI drivers not only work on the latest and greatest Snapdragon processors, but are also backward compatible with older Snapdragon processors. ”Reads a press release from Qualcomm.

These updates, which can be deployed quickly without updating the entire operating system, improve the performance of apps that use artificial intelligence. Qualcomm specifically cites the Google Assistant and Google Maps applications.

“Not only can you see improvements in AI performance by running industry benchmarks, but some of your favorite apps can take advantage of these updates, which Qualcomm Technologies makes available to our partners on a regular basis to help you make these apps faster and make it more responsive, ”explains Qualcomm.

However, it is not known exactly when these improvements will occur. Qualcomm’s press release states that the two companies will offer this novelty from the end of the year. However, an AOSP document (discovered by 9to5Google) released a day later states that the feature has been delayed and will be available for Android T or Android 13.

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