Google goes the opposite way to Apple

Apple is being criticized more than ever for its iOS lockdown, which prevents users from installing apps that are not from the App Store. In order to defend this closed system, the Cupertino company evokes security.

In connection with the lawsuit between Epic Games (the developer of the Fortnite game) and Cupertino, the company recently admitted that Macs are less secure than iPhones. On Macs, users have the option of installing software they can find on the internet while the iPhone is completely locked.

Despite these risks mentioned by Apple, Google for its part does not intend to copy the Apple model. On Android smartphones, users can install apps via APK files on the internet and even use competing Play Store stores.

In the near future, Google will even improve the support of these third-party stores through the Android operating system. In an article published a few days ago, our XDA colleagues recall that Google announced in September that it would simplify the use of these third-party stores without compromising the security measures in place on Android.

Usually these changes will come with Android 12. In a blog post summarizing the Android announcements made during the Google I / O conference, the company said, “We’re also delivering on our promise to make third-party application storage easier to use on Android 12. ”

Easier to use for Play Store competitors on Android

While searching through the code of Android 12, XDA found that these changes were related to the update processes. When certain conditions are met, third-party apps can update apps in the same way as the Play Store (that is, without requiring any user interaction).

At the moment, however, Google is still relatively calm on this issue. More details will likely be known when the stable version of Android 12 is released.

Either way, Google could avoid the problems Apple is currently facing by keeping this policy more open and even showing signs of benevolence. Even if the rules of the App Store and Play Store are very similar, the apps that are not available in the official Google Store can be installed on Android smartphones via APK files or via third-party stores.

As a reminder, after the first beta was released in May of this year, a few other beta versions will be released by Google. Normally a beta should be released in August that is very close to the stable version. Google then launches the stable version, which will be distributed to the general public on compatible devices.

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