Huawei Will Kick You Out Of Android On June 2nd: What To Expect

A big meeting has just been announced by Huawei and is scheduled for June 2nd. Important changes are imminent for millions of users and for the smartphone market in general. In parallel with iOS, a new competitor to Android is preparing for launch with a deployment that the Chinese company has already defined as global.

Huawei is ready to launch its new HarmonyOS platform, its internal operating system, which was announced on August 9, 2019. The smartphone brand announced this on Tuesday via a video published on YouTube. The last step on a long road made necessary and urgent by American trade policy.

Last phase of a dangerous development

Within two years his news was interrupted by many doubts about the difficulties of the beta versions tested by the press, the surprising proximity to Android or the handicap in accessing very popular Google services. Even so, Huawei’s ambitions have continued to grow over time. The brand is no longer hiding from the idea of ​​using HarmonyOS with other brands.

As of June 2nd, more than 300 million devices (including 200 million smartphones) will be affected by the switch to HarmonyOS following a special event. No other brands are predicted to join Huawei’s announcement, but rumors still linger about Xiaomi and Oppo.

The program with HarmonyOS

Regardless of whether it is an Android “clone” or not, many media shared the same assessment that the beta version of HarmonyOS has taken up many points together with EMUI 11, Huawei’s latest overlay for Android open source .

The program excludes Google services (Maps, YouTube, Gmail, etc.), but Huawei relies on its own AppGallery application store. For two years, the brand has been trying to attract developers to offer to publish their application on the platform.

In addition, HarmonyOS should enable Huawei to increase the interactivity of its devices in its ecosystem like Apple and its products on iOS, macOS and iPadOS. In his short video there was no indication of the presentation of a new smartphone at the conference on June 2nd.

Nevertheless, Huawei reserves the right to present the new P50 for us in the coming weeks. This will be the new flagship in its line of premium smartphones and possibly the first device to be updated to HarmonyOS. At the same time, the foldable smartphone currently overseeing the brand, the Mate X2, could also serve as a demonstration device on June 2nd.

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