Learning a language attracts the French, Duolingo is taking a step forward

Duolingo is available on tablets and mobile phones, but also on the Internet, and is a tool for learning foreign languages. A tool that has been developed in a fun way and with which users gain extra points as they progress. One aspect of “Learn by Playing” that is particularly attractive, since Duolingo now has more than 10 million users in France.

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What exactly is Duolingo?

Duolingo is based on a gamification system, that is, the use of game mechanisms to encourage foreign language learning. Duolingo should finally reconcile you with this “German LV2” that traumatized you in college (and / or in high school). Indeed, the application, which has been available in France for a little less than ten years, is an undeniable success and has more than 300 million followers worldwide.

In France today, more than 10 million users trust Duolingo to improve their English, but also their Spanish, Italian and German. It is the Shakespeare language that is the most popular in France with more than 5 million learners. Next up is Spanish with just over 1.6 million users, followed by Italian with just under 700,000 users.

A Duolingo, which should therefore be a real learning tool, but which also offers some originalities. For example, in the English version we can learn fictional languages, such as the language used by certain tribes in the Game of Thrones series or in Star Trek.

Obviously, if you are fluent in Valyrian you shouldn’t get this job, but it can still be fun (and worthwhile) to learn.

The other good side of Duolingo also concerns the “mobile” aspect, as it is quite possible to continue learning in public transport, outside and finally anywhere you can freely draw your smartphone.

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