Netflix creates a virtual event to showcase its flagship projects

Netflix has long been a master in the art of marketing. The company knows exactly how to present its productions. In fact, she sells them so well that waiting for certain series can sometimes be frustrating when the result isn’t really there.

In any case, the platform does not intend to stop there and has just announced the start of its first week of geeked, which will take place June 7-11. This virtual event is expected to include new details and trailers on some of the streaming service’s flagship programs. The names of Lucifer, The Umbrella Academy, The Witcher or Masters of The Universe: Revelations are therefore mentioned.

Gather fans for a large virtual gathering

On the dedicated website, Netflix said a little more about this meeting that should be worth the detour:

The very first Geeked Week takes place June 7-11 and offers fans a wide range of exclusive news, new trailers, live art, features from your favorite stars and more from all of your series and favorite Netflix movies. The five day event is completely virtual and free, so you can take part in the promotion anytime, anywhere in the world.

Indeed, the platform says a fan of their series isn’t limited to “making GIFs, buying derivatives, or theorizing the next big change.” It’s about sharing excitement and connecting with people around the world who have the same passion for these characters and stories. “”

Netflix, which dominates the streaming market, obviously intends to go further. According to The Information, the company takes a very serious interest in the gaming industry. The media therefore envision that the service could offer its subscribers a new video game catalog in the more or less near future. However, all of this remains rumored and the company has not confirmed the existence of such a project.

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