Samsung mocks Apple (again), juxtaposing the Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max

For several weeks now, giant Microsoft has been delighted to mock Apple when it comes to highlighting its Surface range. Indeed, the American group is (re) playing the card of comparative advertising by highlighting the immense characteristics of its products in the face of the aberrations of Apple’s terminals. Today it’s Samsung that decided to remember the good old battle with Apple.

After Microsoft, Samsung attacks Apple (again)

While in reality it’s its best enemy, Samsung regularly goes to great lengths to ridicule Apple. Evidence of this is recently a new advertising campaign launched by the American division Samsung. The latter has indeed developed various spots to promote the photographic properties of the latest Galaxy S21 Ultra. And for this it was (absolutely) necessary to mock the iPhone 12 Pro Max a priori.

In a first video, Samsung emphasizes the x100 zoom of its smartphone, with which, unlike the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it can aim at the moon with flawless precision (it does not scare him). The same goes for the details of a shot, which thanks to the 108 megapixel sensor (still according to Samsung) is a big advantage for the Galaxy S21 Ultra when taking a picture of a hamburger.

According to Samsung, it is obvious that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is a performance monster in photography. As we explained in our full review of the smartphone, it’s a reality, but it’s a shame that, as on Microsoft’s side, there is obviously a need to ridicule Apple, in addition to the often-changing reality to try convince the crowd product quality. Remember, Samsung has largely mocked Apple in the past, sometimes with some embarrassing twists.

In particular, we remember that Samsung pointed a finger at Apple when it decided to remove the charger from its new iPhones. Something Samsung did just a few months later …

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