That’s why the iPad still doesn’t have a calculator

Cultivating multiple puzzles, Apple has never been known for making its entire strategy transparent. In many ways, his perfectionism in the user experience has got him in crazy situations. Like the lack of a standard calculator application on the iPad since 2010.

Ten years later, the question was asked directly to the company during an interview between Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of software engineering, and YouTuber Marques Brownlee. If you own an iPad and have never understood why the iPhone and Mac calculators weren’t there on the iPad, now is the time for a little historical reminder.

The secret of the iPad calculator

The iPad has never had a calculator on its user interface, and the problem has been around for eleven years. To access the tool, users must download a third-party application from the App Store. This manipulation is not normal for a tool that we find standard on all brands.

Apple’s explanation is as follows: Since 2010 and the various versions of the iPad, the design of the user interface of mobile and Mac applications has never succeeded in delivering the same experience on a tablet.

More specifically, “There are some things we didn’t do because we want to do something really great, and I think it’s obviously easy to make a calculator app but make one that feels like that this is the best calculator for the iPad. ” more complicated, ”said Craig Federighi.

“I think we will if we can really integrate it into the iPad. And to be honest, we haven’t had a chance yet. That day may come, but it is our condition, ”he added in response to a question from an internet user that Marques Brownlee received.

The history of calculator design at Apple has always been the subject of internal debate. In an explanatory video, the YouTube channel “Apple Explained” recalled that Steve Jobs had determined the trend of the calculator on the iPad a month before its publication in 2010.

In an interview with Scott Forstall, the tablet’s software manager at the time, he had personally vowed to give him an ultimatum not to release the iPad with a calculator app unless it was changed from the original plans. Otherwise, this should definitely be ruled out with the release of the first iPad.

The project has since been suspended. However, there seems to be a trend towards openness in iOS and iPadOS, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple can now integrate the tool. The latest updates have already integrated functions and interfaces that Apple, unlike Android, couldn’t find.

Here, too, it was a concern of the apple brand’s perfectionism. In particular, think of “the App Gallery”, which will allow you to better classify your applications on the main screen and will take years to arrive (on iOS 14).

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