The video sold for $ 760,000

The NFT madness continues. On Sunday the Davies-Carr family auctioned the YouTube video “Charlie Bit My Finger”, which is still an integral part of web culture today. Little did they know when the Davies-Carr family filmed this simple scene in 2007 that showed some form of complicity between brothers that 14 years later it would bring in $ 623,000.

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“Charlie Bit My Finger” caused quite a stir during its auction until it reached a final price of $ 761,000. As a reminder, the principle of NFTs is simple. These non-fungible tokens serve as a certificate of authenticity that can be attached to any virtual good. It can be a picture, a work of art, a photo, a press article, a tweet and much more …

Thanks to the blockchain, an NFT cannot be duplicated, which makes it unique. Although Charlie’s video was recorded millions of times, it was the original version that was sold by the family. This does not mean that Charlie is no longer seen on the internet biting his brother Harry. Only the NFT certified 55-second version was easily purchased by one person for thousands of dollars.

In the future, the collector may be able to resell this even more expensive “work” thanks to its authentication. This was achieved in particular by Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile with a video by the artist Beeple. In October 2020, the collector bought the NFT of a 10-second video from the artist for $ 67,000. In March 2021, while the NFT market was booming, Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile resold the video for $ 6.6 million.

Since then, the NFTs haven’t stopped creating situations that are funnier than the next. For example, you can buy virtual Gucci shoes, a pizza slice for $ 8,824, a virtual house for $ 400,000, and more.

Sorare has had great success in the office. The French platform, which serves as a bridge between crypto and football, is bringing more and more new users together.

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