Watch out for this new Disney + scam

It’s been a little over a year since Disney + launched in France. Remember that the service has been postponed for a few months over the past year due to a specific epidemic (among other things) … Yet today many of us have succumbed to the call for this coupon. Old Mickey, as Disney + already has more than 100 million subscribers worldwide.

A scam on Disney +?

Obviously, Disney + subscribers are now privileged targets for certain malicious actors on the web. So, in addition to phishing attempts on your emails signed by Paypal, LeBonCoin, eBay, or even fake Colissimo, you also need to be wary of future emails that claim to be from Disney. There is currently a fake email floating around asking users to provide various banking information.

The email in question (the capture of which is available on Geeko) is pretty well done as the latter has a Disney + header and has the luxury of not having gross misspellings. The email mentions the new European GDPR2 GDPR standards that will ask the user to update their Disney + information.

Otherwise, the user’s Disney + account will be blocked and an additional fee bonus will be deducted from their payment method. For the latter, just one solution, update your information by clicking the link in the body of the email. Everything seems legitimate and everything is there for the user to click on the link associated with the email safely.

Obviously, this is a scam aimed at stealing the subscriber’s banking information. As always, we therefore strongly recommend that you carefully analyze the sender’s email address so that you can often spot the scam and never click on this type of external link.

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