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Emails, social networks, information, SMS … the use of writing has increased even more in recent years. Mastering this language has therefore become one of the main elements in skill development, but also a matter of inclusion. It starts at an early age when children are particularly judged on their command of the French language, which is considered to be very complex.

However, it is clear that many students do not always have a penchant for reading or writing. In addition, some teachers express concern about the overall quality of the writing level of young people. But in this file, as in so many others, there is no inevitability, and that’s exactly what startup Plume’s bet is.

The founders believe that digital tools and screens, when used properly, can go a long way in helping children progress and restoring their taste for writing. The Plume platform therefore offers tools that are adapted to every student from 7 years of age.

Specifically, after registration by their parents, the child can choose a beginning of the story that is adapted to their age group. He then has to write the sequel thanks to a number of features that allow him to improve his style and encourage creativity. As the icing on the cake, he will then receive his printed book directly in his mailbox. Enough to make this writing project even more concrete and to enable every student to develop the writing talent that lies dormant in them.

Discover Plume

A very supervised and rewarding trip

The child can choose from a selection of 35 stories to write down from a library. He will find stories for all tastes in every universe. As the writing progresses, you will be guided step by step to write your 7 chapters and complete the story. During this process, he will be rewarded and encouraged by educational professionals.

This is also one of the great strengths of the platform developed by education professionals. Plume is inspired by the work of Maria Montessori, the teacher recognized for her good teaching practices.

The startup has also partnered with CNRS and Microsoft to develop innovative features for children with learning disabilities. The aim is therefore to offer them individual ways so that they can make progress.

Aude Guéneau, the founder of Plume, sums up the values ​​of this tool as follows: “Children’s progress in writing is a guarantee of overall academic success. We are in a society that makes writing sacred, so children must receive all the codes of writing. “Quoted by France Inter, she adds:” The most important thing is the joy and feeling of writing for others and having feedback. “

A free trial and a 20% promo code thanks to Presse-citron

Plume is aimed at both professionals and individuals. If you are interested, it is first possible to test the platform for free and thus discover the first chapters of the story that are best suited for the age of your child. After that, you can opt for a subscription for € 8.33 per month. And thanks to the CITRON voucher code, you benefit from -20% at the time of payment.

Note that Plume has 35,000 users and more than 300,000 chapters written. While distance learning has accelerated after the pandemic, this application is ideal for parents who want to take advantage of digital technology and serious educational support. It’s also a great way to improve a child’s creativity and give them confidence in their abilities.

Discover Plume

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