Everything you need to know about the mandatory memory book to go to the restaurant

From June 9th, we will enter the third stage of the deconfinance plan. In order to prepare the population as best as possible for the entry into this new phase, the government organized a press point yesterday to announce the return of the memory book. Remember that last fall, bars and restaurants had to write down their customers’ contact details so that they could be contacted again if there was a risk of contamination.

This time the memory book will be in digital format and go through the TousAntiCovid application. A new feature called “Signal” will serve as a memory book starting June 9th.

How does TousAntiCovid Signal work?

First of all, it is important to state that this device is mandatory and that a restaurant owner can refuse you from their facility if you do not wish to use the application. The paper format is provided for people without a smartphone.

The app has a QR code scanner. Thanks to this feature, you can scan the QR code that is located at the entrance of most facilities. After scanning this QR code, the application will assume that you have stayed in the bar or restaurant for 2 hours.

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🟠 Orange notification

If another person who is present at the same time declares themselves to be Covid-19, you will receive a notification informing you of this. In this case, you will be asked to do a PCR test and avoid social interactions as much as possible until you know the result. In this case you will receive an orange notification.

🔴 Red notification

However, there is a red notification. As the color code translates, this is a more alarming situation. If you get a red notification it means that you have been in contact with at least 3 people with Covid at the same time. This is a cluster warning, so it will ask you to isolate yourself and do a PCR test.

Which locations are affected by TousAntiCovid Signal?

With the government particularly talking about bars, restaurants, and gyms, a recent press release actually describes a situation found in many other places. This press release states that “enclosed spaces where strict compliance with barrier measures (and especially wearing a mask) may be difficult or impossible” is affected by this device.

The owners concerned must go to the relevant page to generate a QR code and display it at the entrance to the facility. TousAntiCovid Signal is currently completing its test phase in the bars and restaurants of the Rungis market. The feature can be introduced on June 9th.

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For reasons of confidentiality, TousAntiCovid Signal has been validated by the CNIL. The CLEA protocol, on which the service is based, enables user data to be stored in the application. In addition, the names and addresses of the establishments are not required. All information contained in QR codes is encrypted, the government assures. Your history of places visited is cleared every 14 days, and you can do this manually at any time.

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