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Thanks to USB-C, the number of cables required has been reduced as it is used by smartphones as well as computers and other connected devices. In its current state, however, USB-C is still largely perfect. The good news is that the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is developing new specifications to improve the performance of this connection.

As reported by the Android Central site, the USB-IF has just published a 400-page document relating to “Revision 2.1” of the USB Type-C cable specifications. And among the novelties mentioned in this document there is an increase in loading capacity.

Specifically, one of the specifications allows for 240W charging, which allows USB-C to be used to power more devices. Currently, USB-C is officially charged at less than 100W and is only used to power smartphones and low-power computers.

Charging with 240 W and USB4

With a charge of 240W, USB-C can therefore charge the types of computers that still require a special cable today and be used as a power supply for screens that require more than 100W. In other words, this test should allow the industry to use USB Type C for more products thanks to a higher performance limit.

But that’s not all. As Android Central explains, this revision also paves the way for the further adoption of the USB4 specification. The latter is still rarely used, but allows a greater data transmission capacity. Thanks in particular to an alternative mode, the USB4 can support the transmission of videos in 8K.

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