Has Elon Musk changed his mind about LiDAR sensors?

On numerous occasions, Elon Musk has laughed at the LiDAR sensors that many companies use to make their vehicles autonomous. According to the Tesla CEO, this is a very expensive and unnecessary technology. But as they say, it’s only the c * who don’t change their mind. A strange photo was posted on Twitter late last week. In this picture we can clearly see a Tesla Model Y equipped with a LiDAR sensor.

Spotted in Palm Beach, Florida. An @ Tesla Model Y with # LiDAR and CA Manufacturing (MFG) plates. Can someone offer details / insights? pic.twitter.com/5Uh4WU0U41

– Grayson Brulte (@gbrulte) May 20, 2021

Tesla is partnering with Luminar Technologies?

The first rumors quickly sparked a collaboration between Tesla and Luminar Technologies. Rumors that had an immediate impact on Luminar Technologies shares on the stock exchange rose more than 10%. So a total change of strategy or simple tests? If at the moment it is still too complicated to answer this question clearly, a few elements allow us to see it more clearly.

Bloomberg didn’t hesitate to consult the California Department of Motor Vehicles to find out if the license plate shown in the photo is owned by Tesla, and the answer is yes. The same plate would have been used on several of the company’s other vehicles, particularly a prototype of the Cybertruck.

It should also be noted that the Tesla autopilot has been heavily criticized for some time. Last month, the United States Congress called for stricter regulation of the autopilot following a fatal accident aboard a Tesla. By working with LiDAR sensors, Tesla could try to improve on the usual system. Tesla has offered limited range vehicles for years but may consider taking them to the next level with Luminar Technologies’ knowledge in the field.

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