OVH offers all customers an automatic backup

The fire of an OVHcloud data center on the night of March 9th to 10th hit the spirits deeply. In the hours following this event, millions of websites were still unavailable while some had completely lost their data. The most famous victims included, the Pompidou Center, the Bitcoin Coinhouse buying site and some online banks.

“Out of the crisis from above”

Since then it has gradually returned to normal. Octave Klaba, founder and manager of the host, guest of BFM Business, declared: “We want to come out of this crisis from above”. And the entrepreneur has therefore announced several measures that can reassure his customers.

After the fire on March 10th in Strasbourg, OVH founder Octave Klaba announced that “all services are now secured, we will offer them”.

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– BFM Business (@bfmbusiness), May 25, 2021

โ€œWe will work to ensure that all departments and customers now benefit from backups. We will offer it and the industry will likely follow suit, โ€he explains. Many users did not realize that this was a paid option.

AFP has contacted the company that is completing this new measure. Several data centers should be installed in the Paris region dedicated to backing up services hosted in other OVHcloud centers in Roubaix, Gravelines or even Strasbourg.

In order to prevent such an incident from happening again in the future, Octave Klaba announced that his company: “will review its internal standards for the construction of future, but also existing data centers”.

As a reminder, OVH recently acquired the Blade group, which is the origin of the shadow cloud computing offering. The goal shown on this occasion is very clear: to build the world’s best cloud gaming offer and to offer credible alternatives to the offers of the giants Google (G-Suite) and Microsoft (Office 365). Shadow France has also posted vacancies and should hire between 20 and 30 people.

During his visit to BFM, Octave Klaba returned to his vision of the cloud: โ€œYou still need a screen, keyboard and mouse, but I think the future is tomorrow in order to harness the true power of the cloud to collaborate and Doing things that can’t be done on an isolated desktop. “

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