The CNIL informs twenty organizations, including web giants

“Rejecting cookies should be as easy as accepting cookies”. The National Commission on Informatics and Freedoms wanted to remind web gamers of this simple rule. In a press release released yesterday, the Independent Managing Authority said it has sent around twenty formal notices to organizations that are incorrectly applying them.

She states that through her we find “international players in the digital economy and several public institutions”. No one is named directly, but they now have a month to keep the law. In the event of failure, the fine can be high, reaching up to 2% of your sales.

Google and Amazon have already been sanctioned in the past

The Cnil announced in April last year that it was introducing online checks to “detect breaches of cookies”. It turns out, however, that too many players do not intend to allow their users to reject these files too easily. We know that the latter in particular enable advertising monitoring, which is the economic model chosen by very many companies.

However, the independent managing authority would like to warn those who are still not ready to change their practices. This is only an initial review and “similar action will be taken over the next few months”.

As a reminder: last December, the CNIL did not hesitate to punish Google and Amazon again with fines of 100 and 35 million euros for cookies. When a user was connected to the French version of the search engine, ad trackers were placed on the computer without the user doing anything. In addition, the objection mechanism put in place by the Mountain View company was considered to be flawed, and even when the user used it, a cookie was stored on their computer.

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