Tinder has a secret celebrity version

Tinder has no more secrets for you? But do you know Tinder Select? Like the main application, this version has the ability to meet new people by swiping left or right depending on your attraction to the person. Everyone knows this concept, whether on Tinder and now many other competing applications.

TechCrunch, however, reveals the existence of a secret app called Tinder Select. According to the American media, this special version is aimed only at the “elite of the people”. You don’t want to download Tinder Select to your smartphone from the App Store or Play Store. This version is only available by invitation. According to TechCrunch, however, you have to be “beautiful”, “rich” and “famous” to use Tinder Select.

The secret tinder

So there are CEOs, executives, models and many other celebrities. Since it is difficult to determine Tinder’s famous Elo Score, it is also difficult to understand how the app selects Profiles in the Select version. Users of this closed application can switch to the popular application at any time. At the top of the screen you can choose between two tabs, an “S” for select and an icon for the original application. It would therefore be possible to meet Ariana Grande on Tinder if of course she is registered.

There is an even more closed application concept than Tinder Select, it is Raya. This proposal represents a very closed circle in which users have to be invited by an existing member and their candidacy is voted on by a membership committee. This means that Raya costs 25 euros for 6 months and that the chances of being accepted there are around 8%. If you’re lucky enough to get admitted, you can come across celebrities like Kelly Osbourne, Moby, Matthew Perry (Friends), Patrick Schwarzenegger, Bonnie Wright (Harry Potter), John Cusack, Elijah Wood, and many more.

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